Jaguar E type Vision

A 40-ish minutes sketch inspired by the old Jag, introducing some modern surfacing in it.
Pen, pencil, then that bloody boring Photoshop software ...

Jaguar E-Type Racer Duo / Part 2

Finished it tonight, hope you guys like it :)

Jaguar E-Type Racer Duo

Just a work in progress sketched tonight on a E-type Jag, with Racing bodywork, rivets and paintjob.
They will be in opposite colours by tomorrow evening/night.

Sketched in A2, no underlay, directly on the final paper sheet, with a few images in a slideshow on the iMac as reference :D, all that in about 2h max.

VW Buggy

VW Buggy sketched a few weeks ago, and finally rendered today.

Oh and by the way, Happy new year and best wishes to everyone, may 2012 bring you as much success as fun!