Opel Renn-E Electric racer

Opel faisait des motos avant de faire des voitures, et j'aurais bien aimé pouvoir travailler sur un tel projet pour inscrire la marque au TTX-GP, championnat avant-gardiste de course de motos électriques. Mais Opel ne fait plus de motos, et très peu de compétition. J'ai donc pris sur mon temps libre pour m'amuser un peu et faire ma vision des choses.

Opel used to build bikes before they got into cars, and I would have loved to work on such a project to bring the brand to the TTX-GP, an avant-garde championship pitting electric race bikes. But Opel doesn't build motorbikes anymore, and takes part in only a few competitions. I took on my spare time to have fun and design my own vision of an electric Opel bike, which could have been a link between the recent Rak-E / Rad-E concepts and the new Motorsport stuff.

Time to update.

Le blog était un peu en stand-by récemment, majoritairement dû au fait qu'avec le travail, je n'avais pas le temps de sketcher dans mon temps libre. Le travail ayant changé (des nouvelles la-dessus bientôt), et l'hiver étant là (fini les trackdays avec la voiture...), j'ai quelques trucs à partager. Le blog sera d'ailleurs modifié l'an prochain avec une nouvelle interface, et le site sera également remis en ligne après une réorganisation complète avec de nouvelles sections.

The blog was in a stand-by status recently, mostly because of work, so i didn't really have much time to sketch during my spare time and weekends. With work evolving (more on that soon), and winter settling in ( no more trackdays with my car), I have a few things to share. The blog will be updated early next year with a new interface, and the website will come back online after a complete reorganisation and new sections.

La Texaco-mobile ci-dessus était pour passer le temps, tester un style de sketche différent, et surtout dessiner un truc sans contraintes. Très 70s racecar / sci-fi / Speedracer, j'avais envie de me faire plaisir.

The Texaco-mobile on top was sketched to just have fun, try a new sketch style, and mostly sketch without restrictions (sort of). Very 70s racecar / sci-fi / Speedracer, I got a bit loose.

Renault Sport Clio 3

Clio 3 RS done for a friend who usually uses it on the track, including the famous Nordschleife :)  Quick job done on Photoshop, I used a pic of the car as underlay to get the proportions in quickly, as I wasn't going to change anything in term of design, I didn't want to lose time on doing the perspective...

Yes, I'm lazy sometimes !!

Porsche Cayenne

Here is a bit of, huh, let's call it Next Gen, for a Cayenne :)
Not really the kind of car I usually sketch, but still a good exercise, and I think that my few months working for Land Rover paid of in something : sketching big and high SUVs!

Porsche 911 - next gen maybe?

Trying to implement some new design cues into the aging 911 body language.
And mostly having fun at the same time.

Le Mans Monsters - modern modified.

Simply a modern take on the Le Mans monsters from the 70's, a bit of 917 inspiration too, etc etc. Having fun, that's the best :D

Jaguar E type Vision

A 40-ish minutes sketch inspired by the old Jag, introducing some modern surfacing in it.
Pen, pencil, then that bloody boring Photoshop software ...

Jaguar E-Type Racer Duo / Part 2

Finished it tonight, hope you guys like it :)

Jaguar E-Type Racer Duo

Just a work in progress sketched tonight on a E-type Jag, with Racing bodywork, rivets and paintjob.
They will be in opposite colours by tomorrow evening/night.

Sketched in A2, no underlay, directly on the final paper sheet, with a few images in a slideshow on the iMac as reference :D, all that in about 2h max.

VW Buggy

VW Buggy sketched a few weeks ago, and finally rendered today.

Oh and by the way, Happy new year and best wishes to everyone, may 2012 bring you as much success as fun!