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AC 5-28 "Mont Ventoux"

Years ago, i designed a car for a competition on Local Motors. I was intern at Ducati at the time and the idea was to couple two Desmosedici engines to create a V8, all with Ducati DNA bodywork around it.
3 years later, I finally got time to get the project further, after having thought about it for months in my head for new modifications on the design.

The mechanical layout drastically evolved, going from a RWD front engine car to a RWD central engine layout. The design evolved accordingly, along with the proportions which had to accomodate two adult passengers.

About 3 weeks of work later, the modeling is finished (minus some details that will be done later), and after starting Vray for the first time of my life last Sunday, I got some renders done to show the car in its current state.

More will come in the future, for example renders of the mechanical elements that i fully modeled too, despite the fact that with the body on top of them, we don't actually see them!

A quick explanation on the name now :
AC 5-28 "Mont Ventoux" stands for "Anthony Colard 500hp 2800cc" and the mont Ventoux is one of the oldest and most famous hillclimb race in France.