Artwork - Porsche 911 997 GT3 CS

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A friend's car, the perfect Nurburgring track machine!

Artwork : BMW M3 E36

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Ordered by a friend who is a race driving instructor, his BMW M3 E36 in superb white finish, and the "cherry on the cake" (a well suited expression!!) is this cherry blossom tree in the background that he has in his garden!

Artwork - Alpine A110 "Berlinette"

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New artwork added to the list of available ones for sale, the legendary Monte Carlo winner Berlinette!!

Porsche 921 Vision - the renders

And to finish it off nicely, some nice big renders in Keyshot :)

Porsche 921 Vision - final cad model

Screenshots of the final model, all Alias work, all G3 curvature (what a pain!!)

Porsche 921 Vision - cad modeling evolution

Some screenshots during the cad modeling process (5 days - 3 nights)

Porsche 921 Vision

Personal project, following my job interview at Porsche where the guys said that my portfolio was lacking of clean and simple designs. It's a modern interpretation of the Porsche 928.

The 928 is for me a design icon, very much "out of" the usual Porsche design, which for me makes it a very unique car! Technically speaking, it was also very avant-garde : 4 seats, full luxury interior, massive glasshouse, V8 engine, very low drag coefficient, and full aluminium body.

Albeit all these good things, the 928 didn't meet a big success amongst Porsche customers. At a time when Porsche was a one model brand (or at least was perceived as such), this rather different vehicle didn't get so much love.

I tried in my project to keep the original feeling of the 928 with a long slick hood, very clean details, simple surfacing, and that very typical glasshouse, while bringing the current Porsche design DNA into the mix.

Here are the sketches, done 2 weeks ago.