Porsche 997 GT3 RSR Falken Tire

Ordered by Falken Tire USA, this will be their ALMS poster for the 2013 season!!

Go Falken!

All rights reserved to Falken Tire USA, they own this image.

AC 5-28 "Mont Ventoux" - new renders

Here come some more renders of the car in a full black livery, giving it a nice dark and mean look!
On another note, I will fully update my website in the next days (hopefully I can finish it today actually) so keep coming back for more news and more projects.

Audi Sport Quattro Pikes Peak

Artwork for sale at www.anthonycolard.net

Another legend today with this 86 Sport Quattro that Walter Rohrl brought to victory at Pikes Peak!

A few news also. as Falken Tire has contacted me to realise an artwork for them, of their 2013 997 RSR that they will use for their USA advertising campaign. 15 to 20 000 will be printed and handed out as signed posters by the drivers at each ALMS event, so stay tuned for more news here!