Ordered by the owner of the car, an incredible legend : the BMW M3 E30.

Porsches Artworks

Two Porsche 911 artworks added to the list. A 964RS and a 911 Carrera 3.2. 

Artworks & website

Hello all.

Happy new year to everyone.

First of all, the website is back online on a new server, with some updated galeries.
It will get fully overhauled in the near future with a completely new interface, updated portfolio work, some video, a better link with the blog, etc etc.
It also feature a new section, which brings me to the following : the Artworks.

Recently I've started to do this as a side project. Project which is taking more and more of my time (along with my Ducati 2 seater sports car which is going under some major work).

The artworks are for sale as prints, with different sizes and options available. The orders start coming in, and people are very pleased with what they receive. So it's all good.

Here follows the current available artworks. Follow the link to the Facebook page here.