Nissan Silvia

Nissan Silvia S13a owned by a friend, done the rendering for his new house.

Porsche 964 Carrera 2

Today I went at the 964 again, the customer wanted a different angle, so about 4 hours later, here it was.

Renault Safrane Biturbo & Porsche 964 Carrera 2

More orders from customers (their cars actually). Safrane Biturbo Baccara (was 4WD and 265hp, not bad!) and a nice white Carrera 2 964.

BMW 1 M and Alpine A442 B

I added the BMW 1 M Coupe to the list, as well as the 1978 Le Mans winner Alpine A442B.
Next to come are a Porsche 964 Carrera 2 ordered by a customer, and a Ferrari 250 GTO. Then I will get onto two legends : the Peugeot 205 T16 and the Audi Quattro S1 pikes Peak.

Porsche 911 997 GT3 RS4.0

Simply the best track 911 ever made!