SEMA Show 2013

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SEMA Show 2013, un album sur Flickr.

My photos from the 2013 Sema Show in Las Vegas :)

Yamaha R6 race bike artwork

Artwork for sale at

A customer's bike this week. The next artworks will be also for this guy : Triumph Street Triple and 2 ///M cars.

Artwork | Dodge Dart 500cui "The Danger Mouse"

Artwork for sale at

A friend's car : 500 cubic inch Dodge Dart dragster machine, 800hp to the wheels, 10sec quarter mile monster!! Man did I have fun doing this artwork!!!

MV Agusta e racer

Just a bit of fun sketching an electric MV. I tried to challenge the usual package we know about bikes as the new technology would allow for different mechanical solutions for the frame, suspensions and so on.