Daily sketch - Colard C12-R

Pas de sketches depuis quelques jours parce que j'ai franchement la grosse flème! Donc voilà aujourd'hui je me suis remis à bosser, et entre autres j'ai dessiné la C12-R.

No sketches recently as I'm very lazy! So today I sketched the C12-R, among other things.


BentleyBoy said...

Lazy? Boooo, you should sketch every day - keep the rest of us motivated with your incredible sketches :)

Y-One said...

I sketch akmost everyday but some projects are still confidential so i can't show you guys :(
There will be more updates again very soon as I have more free time now.

BentleyBoy said...

You should render out that Plum Crazy Challenger some time, maybe with a Mopar babe sitting behind the wheel just for added hotness.