Porsche 921 Vision

Personal project, following my job interview at Porsche where the guys said that my portfolio was lacking of clean and simple designs. It's a modern interpretation of the Porsche 928.

The 928 is for me a design icon, very much "out of" the usual Porsche design, which for me makes it a very unique car! Technically speaking, it was also very avant-garde : 4 seats, full luxury interior, massive glasshouse, V8 engine, very low drag coefficient, and full aluminium body.

Albeit all these good things, the 928 didn't meet a big success amongst Porsche customers. At a time when Porsche was a one model brand (or at least was perceived as such), this rather different vehicle didn't get so much love.

I tried in my project to keep the original feeling of the 928 with a long slick hood, very clean details, simple surfacing, and that very typical glasshouse, while bringing the current Porsche design DNA into the mix.

Here are the sketches, done 2 weeks ago.

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edwin rosell said...

Sick all round! Those renders are sweet!